Help give your child the skills necessary to deal with bullying that is all too common and disruptive in a child’s learning pattern and environment.

How much for the children's class?

$15.00 per class

*1 x 10 lesson card @ $150.00


$40.00 per month children’s training plan

*Your child may train 1-3 classes per week

Come and try a Wing Chun class. First class is free!! 


- Get fit and have fun                                                           -Improve your confidence

-Improve your hand and eye co-ordination                           -improve your concentration

-meet other Children                                                            -Learn a Self Defence skill in a safe environment

Children's classes 5 days a week!

Saturday         10:00am-10:50am

Monday            4:10pm-4:55pm

Tuesday           4:10pm-4:55pm

Wednesday.      4:10pm-4:55pm

Thursday          4:10pm-4:55pm