Wing Chun. Legend has it that Wing Chun Kuen, was developed by revolutionary groups seeking to create a system that could be taught more efficiently and with greater efficacy in it's approach to combat and real street self defence.

Five masters were assembled from five famous Kung Fu styles:

Ng Mui - Plum flower Style
Fung Do Dak - White Tiger
ak Mui- White Eyebrow Style
Mu Hin- Shaolin Style
Abbott Lee Shin Seem- Shaolin Style

Before the five Grandmasters could pass on their consolidations, the ruling parties found out their plans and attacked, They destroyed the Shaolin temple and scattered thir disciples. The nun Ng Mui  escaped and saved an orphaned infant girl and both fled to a safe village where Ng Mui left the renamed infant, Yim Wing Chun, with a family. Ng Mui departed to a monastery.

he years passed and the beautiful Yim Wing Chun attracts the unwanted attentions of the leader of  the town gangsters.

Yim's parents write a letter to Ng Mui for help. Ng Mui appears and instructs Yim to challenge the gangster to combat to be held in one year's time. The ganster is embarrassed into accepting the public challenge. Yim Wing Chun leaves with the nun and trains for one year in this unnamed system. Yim Wing Chun returns and confronts the gangster and within a few moments easily she defeats him. Yim goes on to perfect her technique and becomes very skilled.

Yim WIng Chun goes on to teach her betrothed Leung Bok. After Leung masters the system, he honors his wife by naming the system after her.

The system has been passed down eight generations to Sifu Julian's instructor.

Sifu Julian is a ninth generation disciple of the Wing Chun system.