Repitition is failsafe.

Enough repetition gives you something to fall back on. Something that, unlike your primal instincts, you can shape up to be what you want it to be. You can decide that whenever confronted with a certain event, you will unravel a precise and optimized sequence of events. You choose these events and by repetition, make them your reaction. Over time, they become your reaction as much as anything else that's innate. Muscle memory and beyond. Such training "leaks out" in certain situations, often to your advantage.

Wing Chun is a skill for life.


Leg blocks, kick defence and chi gerk (sticking legs) seminar in the park

1. Break the opponent’s balance and stick to him/her so that they can not attack, attack the opponent with all free limbs.


2. Develop balance and strength in the legs.

3. Develop a sense of feeling/ sensitivity in the legs as chi-sao does for the arms.

4. Develop intercepting skills and forward pressure with footwork.

5. Recognizing openings and kicking if there is an opening.

6. Defending the leg with a leg.

 Date: 03/02/2018                                                   Cost: $50.00

Time: 1:30 pm -3:30pm                                     

 Day: Saturday



Public holiday dates class detail 2018

Australia Day

Closed-Friday 26th January

Closed-Saturday 27th January

Labour Day

Closed-Saturday 10th March

Closed-Monday 12th March


Closed-Good Friday 30th March

Closed-Easter Saturday 31st March

Closed -Easter Monday 2nd April

Closed - Tuesday 3rd April

Anzac Day

Closed-Wednesday 25th April

Queens Birthday

Closed-Saturday 9th June

Closed-Monday 11th June

Melbourne Cup Day

Closed-Saturday 3rd November

Closed-Monday 5th November

Closed - Tuesday 6th November

Seminars 2018

February 3rd

Park training-

Leg blocks, kick defence and chi gerk

March 3rd

Arm bars, locks and sweeps

April 7th

Mok Yan Jong

May 5th

Dragon Pole

June 2nd

Butterfly Swords

July 7th

Chi sao basics

August 4th

Chi sao advanced

September 1st


October 6th


November 10th 

Forms and basics

December 1st

Bil jee (thrusting finger point) form

Participate in our specialty classes to enhance your training repertoire, these seminars run once a month on a Saturday.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $50.00

Full uniform to be worn.





Arm bars, locks and sweeps seminar

Joint manipulation can allow a weaker person with the
right training to control a stronger one.  Grabbing only
one finger may lead to the opponent being able to pull it
free, while grabbing three or more reduces the leverage
advantage considerably and hence it is sometimes advised
to grab two fingers for maximum effect………….

Duration: 2 hours

Tim: 1:30pm

Date: Saturday October 7th

Cost: $50.00

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All levels are welcome to attend.

Chi Sao during combat seminar August

Chi sao during combat Seminar

The Wing Chun practitioner develops reflexes within the searching of unsecured defences through use of sensitivity. Training through Chi Sao with a training partner, one practices the trapping of hands. When an opponent is 'trapped', he or she becomes immobile.

All levels welcome.


Date: 12/08/2017                                               Cost: $50.00

Time: 1:30 pm -3:30pm                                     Day: Saturday

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Butterfly Rod seminar

The Butterfly Rod seminar is on Saturday, August 13th @ 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

Cost $50.00

Butterfly rod: Is a hand held weapon which is used to attack an opponent’s pressure points. This weapon can be supplemented with any hand held object such as a mobile phone, sunglasses, biro/pen or a rolled up magazine. All Wing Chun Bing Fa techniques can be applied by holding this weapon.

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Chum Kil (Seeking/Sinking bridge) form and application Seminar

Date: 18/06/2016                                                   Cost: $50.00

Time: 1:00 pm -3:00pm

Day: Saturday

 Chum Kil, to seek the bridge or sink the bridge is the middle form of the Wing Chun Bing Fa system. This form teaches how to seek the bridge which basically translates to having the ability to move through non contact to contact then to exchange stage giving the practitioner a safe method of breaching the opponent’s defences. Be a part of the annual bridge seeking seminar and learn this form and it’s applications for the first time or build on knowledge you already have.This is a great opportunity for all students to further their learning and prepare for the Chum Kil grading component and to take techniques that may have been learned from Shil Lim Tao and make them 3 dimensional and combat applicable.