Early Bird Classes

Early morning classes have been running for the last seven years. The attendance has unfortunately not increased.

The door is not closed .We will be listening to students over time, expressing positive interest of attendance for these brave morning classes for there could be potential early classes again in time to come....

The final early morning class will be Wednesday 15/05/2013 ( Text booking the night before 8:30pm is requested as normal).

For those who have attended over the years,  I commend you. It has not gone unnoticed. To continue as a Wing Chun Practitioner and to maintain the skill, now is the time to  adjust your routine (mentally and physically)  and venture into the evening Wing Chun world of training and meet (If you haven't already) your fellow brother and sisters who also love the art and martial arts as a whole of living, breathing and training Wing Chun. ....The biggest difference. The sun is rising as always. You will now enjoy the sun setting. Be great to see you there. Simo:)