Footwork Seminar


The most important seminar: Footwork.

A ‘must’, for beginners. To all senior students, it’s always important to brush up on your basics!

A Wing Chun Bing Fa Kung Fu practitioner must be able to move quickly and safely from one stance to another in defence, and in the case of attack. The key to Wing Chun., footwork is the foundation of the system.

You must be able to bridge the gap with adequate protection to your body and your vital targets........

The ability to stop and change is pivotal to the system and is one of the hardest principles to master. Everything in Wing Chun Bing Fa Kung Fu is designed with interruption in mind. Some examples of this design are:

1.  The stance, with even weight distribution over both legs, enables the practitioner utmost mobility in any direction and at any moment.

2.  Stepping with the ball/toe of the foot. This allows quicker movement and interruption of a step. Stepping with the heel leaves you flat footed, eliminating the ability to interrupt…….

“Make your fighting stance your everyday stance; make your everyday stance your fighting stance.” Miyamoto Musashi (The book the five rings).