Blast Back Training 2016

Blast Back Training 2016

Enjoy training in the park in the morning with

Sifu Julian de Boers

9am to 11am Each Day

Monday 11th: Chi sao and Chi gerk (sticky hand and leg technique).

Tuesday 12th: Practical Self Defence.

Wednesday 13th: Elbows and Knees. Close quarter combat.

Thursday 14th: Wing Chun weapons.

*Students are to wear full school uniform.

What to bring: Hat, sunscreen, fly/mosquito repellent, protective wear e.g shin guards.

Students, who wish to meet Sifu on Swanston st (street level) at 8:30am Monday to walk to the location at Exhibition Gardens, please let Sifu know:)


1 day -$50.00

2 days -75.00

3 days -$100.00

4 days -$150.00

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